'GTA 5' Is Finally Getting Rid Of Its Transphobic Crap

Better too late than never.
'GTA 5' Is Finally Getting Rid Of Its Transphobic Crap

Nearly 10 years later after the release of GTA V, Rockstar Games has seemingly understood that the magnum opus of offensiveness is a game that challenges the most common of gamer types and not one that bullies a minority that already has to put up with so much crap. Fans of GTA V who want the game to be evil in a better way should rejoice, as the new-gen ports of GTA V have removed various transphobic jokes contained in the game instances of the one transphobic joke that has ever existed. They removed the “drag queen" models that were actually trans women that existed solely as an excuse for the existence of some dumb dialogue about taking hormones,

and they also removed Captain Spacetoy, an action figure of an astronaut with interchangeable genitalia because that's apparently both hilarious and an accurate depiction of trans people.

comparison between the two versions that shows the absence of Captain Spacetoy

Rockstar, Jayprospero

A decade is quite a long time to remove stuff that shouldn't have been in an otherwise amazing game in the first place – especially for a company that took like like 5 minutes to remove the comparatively harmless hot coffee mod back in a time when patching things out required recalling and reselling a game, but we'll take it.


Who doesn't miss the glory days when the people most offended people on the Internet were soccer moms and church dads and not… the people who get pissed off at the removal of hateful content?

And speaking of glory and of hateful content, we're happy to announce that The PC Glorious Race – a gaming brand that's somehow real and also successful – is finally changing its name to just "Glorious" to get rid of the obvious racial connotations that began as “just a joke” from 4chan. Gamers may know their most popular mouse, the Model O, the one that seems to have been modeled after a German soldier post-Normandy invasion.

Glorious' most successful mouse, the model O


“Wait, your brand found success despite having a name clearly inspired by nazi bullcrap? Amazing! Even we had to do it on the down-low” - IBM, Hugo Boss, etc

Top Image: Rockstar

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