Nicolas Cage's Weird History With Stalkers

Please don't break into Nic Cage's home.
Nicolas Cage's Weird History With Stalkers

Nicolas Cage is currently followed by a group of stalkers. These weirdos call themselves fans, but their obsession with every part of his life indicates severe illness and must surely leave Cage feeling disturbed. We of course are here referring to ourselves, the writers at Cracked. 

Cage has also spoken of a few unusual encounters with people who don't even have the desire to document facts as an excuse for their pursuit of him. In 2011, he shared the story of how, when was living in Orange County with his wife and two-year-old son, he awoke one night to the sight of a naked fan in his room. Almost naked—the fan was wearing a leather jacket, the legal property of Nicolas Cage. The fan was also eating a Fudgesicle, as he looked down on Cage in his bed. Unless he brought the snack with him from outside, we must assume he took it out of Cage's fridge.

Nic said he talked the guy out of the house and didn't call the police. For that reason, we don't have any police report on the story, and we have no proof that the fan was not in fact Cage himself, traveling from the future. 

Another time, Cage talked of an incident he said occurred during the filming of Bringing Out the Dead. A mime arrived on set and started doing "strange things" (miming, we suppose). Cage described the mime as a stalker and marveled at just how the intruder had managed to get past security. The mime showed up repeatedly, but producers eventually put a stop to it, before he could do unspeakable harm to Cage.

Don't go thinking that all fans are dangerous, however. In 2016, Cage was in Las Vegas with Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe. A fan approached Cage for an autograph. Vince apparently took this as a deep invasion of their personal space (either that or he was suspicious of anyone who still asks for autographs nowadays, instead of for selfies). He stepped in, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her to the ground. Nic did not appreciate this assistance. He screamed at Vince, in what sources describe as a brawl, but which looks more like a hug:

Prosecutors charged Vince with misdemeanor assault, he pleaded guilty, and he paid a $1,000 fine. Cage went on to many more encounters with fans that were perfectly friendly and required no battery whatever. 

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