Spring Has Sprung With This Sale!

Talk about a spring in your step (and wallet).
Spring Has Sprung With This Sale!

This piece was written by the Cracked Shop to tell you about products that are being sold there.

The weather's getting warmer, and the outdoors are calling. They're all like, "Heeey. Heeeeeey. Frolic in me." Whether you're going to do that on the beach or the trail, our Spring Refresh sale has all kinds of goodies for making the most of it, and you can save an extra $10 on purchases of $75 or more when you use promo code SPRING10 at checkout.

The New Draft Top(R) 3.0: Easy Can Opener, $19.99 (reg. $29)

For those tailgates when you just can't get your Nattys fast enough. This clever can opener rips the entire top off a can without leaving any edges so you can drink from the can like a cup, pour it out easily, or use it as a makeshift vase if and when a very presumptuous person brings you a bouquet.

Pocket ChainSaw(R), $22.99 (reg. $29)

Sometimes, your knife doesn't cut it, "it" being that perfect stack of firewood, but you're not going to bring a handsaw or chainsaw on a casual camping trip. That would be silly (and heavy). Instead, trust the Pocket ChainSaw, a coiled serrated chain that you can keep in your pocket but still saws the bejesus out of wood.

Geekey Multi-Tool, $22.99 (reg. $55)

Whether you're working on your bike or DIYing around the house, this clever multi-tool will be a huge asset. Geekey incorporates a multi-fit screwdriver, several drill bits, a scoring tip, a ruler, and so much more all into one pocket-size device so you can MacGuyver your way out of almost any situation.

Smart Fingerprint Padlock, $24 (reg. $33)

Padlocks are handy in the locker room or at the bike rack, but who can keep track of those tiny little keys? Don't we already have enough responsibility in our lives? You always have your fingers, though, so use your fingerprint to open this smart lock instead.

Higher Objects(C) Sawyer Utility Bracelet, $24.99 (reg. $39)

If you're getting out in nature, this wearable multi-tool will make you feel like a true wilderness person. It's the perfect replacement for a pocket knife, as it offers a knife, screwdriver, and more right on your wrist.

MetaTime Smart Watch, $31.99 (reg. $199)

No, it's not a Zuckerburg product. This budget-friendly fitness watch helps you stay connected and track your health and lifestyle stats in your everyday life. Get message and call alerts, track your steps, listen to your music, and much more.

FAUNA Designer Bluetooth Audio Smart Glasses with Blue Light Filter Lenses and Charging Case, $89.99 (reg. $199) with promo code SPRING10

Spring's a great time for a style refresh, too, right? Not only do these tech-savvy glasses look great, they'll let you listen to music, make calls, or control Siri or Alexa, all from the arm of your second eyes. It's like having a futuristic heads-up display to order the world around you, except without looking like a huge dork.

Prices are subject to change.

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