How 300 Copies Of A 'Jurassic Park' Game Ended Up In A Dude's Fridge

The collector wasn't even preoccupied with whether or not he could.
How 300 Copies Of A 'Jurassic Park' Game Ended Up In A Dude's Fridge

Even though Twitter is a bad place whose content shouldn't influence anyone's actions, it got us to blissfully look into a bizarre picture that has been driving all of its users crazy(er). The search proved fruitful, but we have to inform our readers who dream of one day receiving a comically inconvenient number of old ass cartridges all at once that it's unlikely to happen.

The Jurassic Fridge

Kevin Lieber

Behold, the world's first gaming fridge (not for sale)

It turns out that this wasn't the result of the greatest heist in the SNES period, but rather the culmination of one man's very repetitive collection. The picture above belongs to an eBay sale, one whose seller says is the result of many years of collecting Jurassic Park games the same goddamn Jurassic Park game. It all began when he had the chance to buy a portion of stock from a video game store that had around 100 copies of Jurassic Park for the Super Nintendo. A smart person would say that's too much, but a wise person would notice that that's still far from the 300 we see inside the fridge. Well, that's because the seller somehow thought that getting the first one hundred copies was a sign that he should get even more of them. He kept on buying copies and even accepted these games as currency in unrelated transactions. Interestingly, he doesn't state the exact reason why he decided to get rid of his collection, but, let's be honest, any reason would be a good one.

The dumb bad guy from the original film


“and I got all 300 of those copies for a mere $1500”

Now we know the origin story of this one collection, but we cannot celebrate too much because we're still far from learning why the hell more people are buying Jurassic Park stuff in bulk.

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