A 'Final Fantasy IX' Remake Announcement Seems Imminent

A new age of old 'Final Fantasy' games.
A 'Final Fantasy IX' Remake Announcement Seems Imminent

Back in 2021, Nvidia suffered a hack that resulted in the leak of a list of supposedly upcoming video game releases (not to be mistaken for the 2022 Nvidia hack that resulted in the leak of the notion that the company needs better security.) The list contained such wild claims that most people immediately called it bogus, and we can't blame them. “Rockstar is going to remaster the GTA Trilogy before they even announce GTA VI? Weird, but maybe it'll be good! God Of War on PC?! What a silly idea! Kingdom Hearts IV coming out as a normal sequel would, and not accompanied by a myriad of story-essential spinoffs for systems nobody owns? Impossible.” Well, as we all know by now, the wildest contents of that list have either materialized already or are in the process of coming to fruition, which makes every fan pretty hopeful because one of the items on that list is fan-favorite Final Fantasy IX.

A reference to past protagonists in the seires

Square Enix

Outside of TitanFall 3, a title that we'd all love to see happen but one that has already been denied by Respawn Entertainment, most titles listed in the leak were much riskier bets than just giving a very popular game the remake treatment – especially after Final Fantasy VII Remake hit it so big. Final Fantasy IX was the least successful of the Final Fantasy games originally released for the PS1, but it managed to gain a lot of traction among fans in the 20 years that have come to pass. Even though Final Fantasy VIII would logically be the next in the remake pipeline, this is actually what makes sense given the company's historical mistreatment of that unfairly maligned title.

A depressed character

Square Enix

pictured: the developers thinking about Final Fantasy VIII

We don't envy the job of the Square Enix developers who'll have to endure the screaming of the entire cast while their limbs get stretched from the classic JRPG super-deformed style into something human-looking.

Zidane Tribal from FFIX in Dissidia, an ff-based fighting game

Square Enix

But we can't wait to see the results.

Top Image: Square Enix


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