Hackers Hack 'Titanfall' ... To Stop Hackers From Hacking 'Titanfall'

Well-meaning hackers make everything even more of a mess
Hackers Hack 'Titanfall' ... To Stop Hackers From Hacking 'Titanfall'

Apex Legends is the younger and more popular brother of the Titanfall series, both made by Respawn Entertainment, the company founded by the Call of Duty team after Activision did … Activision things. Titanfall is a great game in its own right that has a small but passionate fanbase. Unfortunately, however, hacker bots have taken over most of the game's base, making it a nightmare to play.  


Pictured: an unintentionally accurate representation of the state of the game

So fans took the only logical step and started hacking both Apex Legends and Titanfall 2 to send the message across that they need to save the original Titanfall from the other hackers -- the really bad ones. The hack promotes a website called savetitanfall.com and also changed the available playlists, making their own broken "SaveTitanfall" playlist the only anyone can play.


A gamer moment that's also a bruh moment? Awesome.

The promoted site itself isn't much less bonkers, as it gets very conspiracy-theory-y, claiming that both EA and Respawn are willingly ignoring Titanfall's problems. We get them being pissed off at EA -- for any reason, really -- but, no one is more pissed at EA than Vince Zampella, famous for being Respawn's main guy, and for calling out EA on their neglecting of the franchise.

When originally reported, the hack appeared mostly on PC and on a few Xbox servers, but it didn't take long to get everywhere.

And while we enjoy the idea of LARPing Robin e-Hood, the result was less Errol Flynn or cartoon fox and more *insert 9453 failed Robin Hood reboot actors*. Respawn was actually well aware of the problems plaguing Titanfall, and actively working on them. The problem was that dealing with constant attacks is an eternal game of whack-a-dickhole. Aside from the few laughs coming from the hacker battle, the only effect these hacks had, was forcing Respawn to do overtime work on trying to fix this mess. That's especially uncool on the hacker's part since Respawn is one of the very few companies that apparently value their employees' well-being and refuses to crunch their asses just to meet players' demands. So, y'know, maybe give them a break?

Top Image: Electronic Arts

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