'Bloodborne Kart', The April Fools' Joke That Became A Glorious Game

Get ready for some family-friendly R-rated action.
'Bloodborne Kart', The April Fools' Joke That Became A Glorious Game

This day destroys people looking to learn stuff on the Internet, so we're assuring readers that they've reached one of a select few places on the Internet where they won't spend the day learning falsehoods such as how “Morbius is actually bad” – It might be, yeah, but can we believe that there's even one person out there who even bothered entering a movie theatre to find out? We're here to restore the balance and learn about Bloodborne Kart, an Internet miracle that began life as an April Fools' joke before someone realized it sounded better than most games of today and made it into a real thing.

Bloodborne Kart's reveal

Sony, Lilith Walther

Ok, that's a motorcycle and not a kart, but that still doesn't make it a lie.

Back in February, indie developer Lilith Walther blessed retro and current gamers alike with Bloodborne PSX, a total remake (or demake), of the PS4 classic in the shape of a PS1 game. Bloodborne PSX is a gem that recreates the look of a PS1 game but also gameplay limitations like a wonky camera – all problems of a time when we knew even less about making good gameplay experiences than we do nowadays. Bloodborne PS1 rocked so much that people began joking about Walker making Bloodborne Kart, an artifact from some April Fools' past she found way too cool to ignore. Just a few days ago, the world got rocked once again by what looks like some damn bloody fun.

And turns out there are actual karts in the game!

It looks better than either of the two Mario Kart-inspired Chocobo Racing games made by the actual devs of Final Fantasy.

We can already download Bloodborne PSX for free, and will soon be able to download Bloodborne Kart as well. And we probably should, because not all publishers love fan projects. Yeah, Bandai Namco, From Software's publisher on many other games have just asked developers to shut down the development of a Tekken mod for Elden Ring that they themselves called awesome.

And if you thought that was a lie, don't worry because we also believed both the mod as well as the response to be April Fools' jokes.

Top Image: Sony, Lilith Walther

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