February Brings Us Glorious 'Resident Evil 4' And 'Bloodborne' Fan Games

Dedicated fans just created two of the most impressive mods we've seen.
February Brings Us Glorious 'Resident Evil 4' And 'Bloodborne' Fan Games

Feeling a bit underwhelmed by the absolutely suck-ass state of the gaming landscape this time of the year? Fret not, as we've just been graced with two fan creations that will blow your mind and brains. The best part is that even if you happen to not like one of our suggestions, chances are that you'll like the other, as they just couldn't be farther apart.

The first one is Resident Evil 4 HD Project, a completely free restoration of Resident Evil 4 that makes the official remasters look like an amateur restoration.

Wiki Comons

That's Albert Wesker. You can only tell because of the cool shades.

In all seriousness, the official remasters weren't that bad, but this is just breathtaking.

The people behind it created new textures from scratch by taking high-definition pictures of materials, a way more grueling task than what Capcom went through when making the original game. Back thenm they seemingly just, uh, took a lot of inspiration from an artbook by artist Judy A. Juracek. Oh yeah, we know what you did. 

Capcom, Resident Evil HD Project

Capcom, Resident Evil HD Project

“Oh, so it turns out it wasn't written in whatever language doctors use on prescriptions.”

And it's not just texture work. They improved the models as well as the lighting. This result would be impressive even coming from the people who get paid to do this.

Capcom, Resident Evil HD Project

Step 1: Check out the details of those bricks
Step 2: Sh*t bricks

Best of all, Nintendo won't take this down because why the hell would they? Nintendo has nothing to do with the Resident Evil series. If you own the original game for the PC, all you need to do is download Resident Evil 4 HD Project.

But maybe you're somehow against the concept of visuals. No worries. We're not here to judge you; we're here to indulge you. Maybe your nostalgia desiring ass will enjoy learning that someone did the exact opposite of RE4HDP and seemingly pulled all the graphics out of Bloodborne (aka Victorian Evil) and turned it into a PS1 style game. The result is Bloodborne PSX, a game that falls in a genre the cool kids nowadays are calling “demake.”

It's incredible. The people at the aptly titled “Fan Software” did an integral remake of a good chunk of the original game and even added some cool stuff. If that's not enough for you, the game also provides players with a bunch of options designed specifically to add PS1-style clunkiness. It's all as inexplicable as it is beautiful.

You can get the entire thing below for free, and you don't even need to have the original game for PC because there's no such thing as Bloodborne for PC. (One day, maybe, Okay? Please ...)

Top Image: Sony Computer Entertainment

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