This Is The Good Kind Of April Fools' Joke

This Is The Good Kind Of April Fools' Joke

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In your life, you've probably experienced many a cruel April Fools' jape. You've probably endured some exceedingly stupid ones, too. But never have you expected some kind of positive turn of events to happen on April Fools' Day (unless, like, your very planned and expected baby arrived on April 1 and you became overwhelmed with the joy of making that child uncomfortable with your goofy shenanigans on every birthday.)

Well, we're here to give you a pleasant twist on the world's most annoying holiday. This April Fools' Day season, we're offering a Tech Surprise Box to treat yourself to something nice. There are no jokes or baits and switches or other cruelty here, just a well-crafted surprise box with up to five mystery tech/gamer items to make life easier, get deeper into the game, or something we’re not sure about for you or the recipient of your choice to discover.

You won't know what you're getting until you open the box, but rest assured that every box is valued at $100 or more. They're all made from a curated collection of goodies, so nothing will end up a piece of junk cluttering up your house. It's a perfect way to turn the sadistic nature of April Fools’ Day on its head and add some gadgets to your tech repertoire at the same time.

Who wants to be fooled on April Fools' Day? We want to give you gifts instead. Grab a Tech Surprise Box right now for 17% off $121 at just $99.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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