Weird Nintendo Fans Lose Their Minds Over Zelda Producer's Haircut

Weird Nintendo Fans Lose Their Minds Over Zelda Producer's Haircut

Some of the saddest gaming news this week was the announced delay of Breath of the Wild 2, (devs, if it's an idea shortage, we've got some thoughts) the sure to be smash hit sequel to the 2017 Zelda series adventure game that changed the franchise forever and rocketed it’s way to the top as one of the all-time great open world games. 

The game will now be released in 2023 and a few years ago, such a delay might have really upset some fans. But, what with all the unceasing, devastating global catastrophes, people are pretty happy to give developers all the time they need to produce a great game. Especially after the Great Cyberpunk Disaster of 2020. So news of the delay was met with some sadness, but relative calm. 

What was not calm was people’s reaction to producer Eiji Aonuma’s new ‘do. Jaws and undies dropped like defeated bokoblins at the sight of our dapper hero’s fresh cut, much different than the loveable but scruffy style he’s been rocking for years. It's giving us life, just like that time Nintendo gave life to 3D games.

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He's still a handsome man no mistake.

Aonuma is the longtime producer of the Zelda franchise, his start with the series began all the way back in the halcyon, bygone days of 1998 with a little game called Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Since then he has supervised, directed or produced 25 Zelda games. All with the same haircut he probably had as a kid. 

It was kind of like a bowl cut meets mullet meets a shag. In a word: baffling. How could hair be so short but still have bangs? When is a mullet not a mullet? Truly questions for the sphinx to ponder. 


But this? This looks SHARP.

But we mere mortals don’t have to answer those questions now that Aonuma has entered the Zaddy Zone with his close-cropped salt and pepper new style. Fans and the media are loving the trim. There’s even a website where you can vote on if you like the cut and what cut you’d like him to have next. He…probably doesn’t check that site, but you never know. Even media outlets like Nintendo Life went out of their way to comment on how good his new hair looks. Nintendo fans, you may be a weird bunch, but please: never change.


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