'Cyberpunk 2077's Newest Glitch Made The Game More Cyberpunk

'Cyberpunk 2077's Newest Glitch Made The Game More Cyberpunk

Ever since BioWare invented it in Mass Effect, gamers have been stoked about sex. Unfortunately, everyone in BioWare has been busy slowly putting out fires for the past few years, so players flocked to Cyberpunk 2077, the game that promised players the sex of the future. But, as you probably know, Cyberpunk didn't drop in a finished state and still isn't in a finished state (regardless of when you read this). Cyberpunk 2077 came out busted in every way, so it's no surprise that its "sexing" mechanics were, well, screwed. Gamers correctly pointed out that the sex scene segment of the game wasn't working as intended, but this mistake actually allowed the devs to come closer to real cyberpunk than they could ever hope to.

When originally conceived, "Cyberpunk" was a subgenre of punk, not a subgenre of "cyber," because that's not a genre to begin with. This means it's more about using technology to achieve freedom from the system, as well as from your body and what you see as your physical boundaries such as height, weight, and gender, less about trying to look like an anthropomorphic RGB gaming peripheral. A lot of players didn't seem to get it, though that's most likely on the devs themselves for not understanding the assignment

Though, to some players, maybe it was William Gibson who just didn't understand the genre (… that he's mostly created):

“Oh, what would he know?”

The game allows players the freedom of picking between a milquetoast cisgender man and a woman to have sex with. A bit too safe for the wild future we paid for, but there's an oversight in the game's interface that seemingly shows the options in a muddled way. This caused many players to accidentally choose their unintended option, prompting them to watch something that a lot of whiny dudes can't handle. 

Spoiler: it's dudes banging. It's always men complaining about getting it on with men.

CD Projekt Red

The only kind of sex you shouldn't have in a game is with Fedorapunks

Luckily (for the fragile), the devs have already released a patch that fixed the issue, amongst a few others. Still no patch for making the game less disappointing.

Top Image: CD Projekt RED

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