Non-Binary Characters Make Idiots Mad, So Here's Some More

These non-binary friends make gaming better.
Non-Binary Characters Make Idiots Mad, So Here's Some More

With the announcement that Guilty Gear’s long time androgynous looking hottie Testament is canonically agender, meaning they don’t identify with any gender at all, came a deluge of ignorance from the keyboards of those who just can’t be bothered to learn even a little bit about history. Bet those beta cucks know a lot about World War 2 though… I wonder why. 

Alright, personal saltiness aside, it’s great to see more games officially stating that different characters have different gender identities. You’ve heard it before, but representation really does matter. So to piss off more chuds, here’s some of our favorite NB characters in games. And if you are going to comment anything stupid or hateful on this celebration of fictional characters: don’t. Go out yourself as a bigot somewhere else. \


The best hunter around.

Bloodhound! Their tragic backstory is the stuff of legend. The stuff of Apex: Legends to be exact. After their engineer parents were brutally murdered, they were taken in by an uncle who reviled technology and lived by the code of the Old Ways. Until he was brutally murdered. Bloodhound reconciled their love of tech and their respect for nature to become the ultimate hunter/tracker. They later joined the Apex Games to win glory for a slain lover. An epic tale for an epically badass enbee.

Supergiant Games

Non-binary Chaos is the way.

This character takes the leap from epic, to godlike. Chaos from the 2018 indie smash hit Hades uses they/them pronouns and was the first primeval force in all of existence. We’ve always loved Supergiant Games for being a beacon of hope in this world, and Chaos canonical non-binary identity is one more reason to stan. In game, Chaos gave birth to the pillars of the physical and immortal realms. Plus they’ve got an eye in their chest which is always a cool look. The in-game mythology differs a little from the historical mythos, but that’s par for the course for modern retellings

Greg Lobanov

Ash is an IRL vibe no doubt.

In Wandersong, you’re playing as The Bard; singing to save your world from apocalypse. It’s a short, charming platformer that cleverly incorporates music into gameplay. The principles of the game’s core story are about being yourself and celebrating what makes you unique, not what others choose to label you as. The dev Greg Lobanov, wanted to make a game that felt inclusive, so they made sure to include Ash as a non-binary member of a band you’ll encounter during gameplay. We instantly fell in love with Ash’s cutie design and the fact that they plan an accordion like our hero Weird Al.

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