James Bond Now Has An Actual Grave For Some Stupid Reason

R.I.P. until the next reboot.
James Bond Now Has An Actual Grave For Some Stupid Reason

This article contains SPOILERS for No Time to Die.

As most of us are aware by now, the ending of the recent No Time To Die finds James Bond heroically sacrificing his own life because he was infected by nanobots that would kill the daughter he never really knew. Which was a shocking twist for audiences who assumed that decades of binge-drinking and unprotected sex would be 007’s ultimate undoing.

Of course, this poignant finale was slightly undercut by the end credits, which featured the familiar “James Bond Will Return” tease – hopefully teeing up a Bond zombie movie, not just another franchise reboot.

If you’re still feeling bummed out about Bond’s untimely demise (despite the fact that we will definitely soon be getting new Amazon-owned Bond adventures) and you’re looking for a place to grieve, apparently there is now a legit grave for this entirely fictional character. Yup, the Faroe Islands, where the finale of No Time to Die was filmed, are now home to James Bond’s tombstone, part of a James Bond sightseeing tour.


Weirdly, the grave lists Bond’s birthdate as 1962, seemingly because that’s when the first official Bond film, Dr. No, premiered. And apart from turning Bond into a sexagenarian, this all seems odd because … that’s not how graves work? You don’t just plunk a tombstone down on the exact spot where someone died. Bond would conceivably have been buried in, like, London or something, not the random island where his girlfriend’s stalker happened to build a bioweapons facility. 

It’s not just Bond, the world is full of graves belonging to fictional characters. Sometimes it’s because film productions just left prop tombstones behind in real cemeteries. Like how Adrian Balboa, Rocky’s wife, has a headstone in a Philadelphia cemetery. Presumably, a lot of heartfelt moments mourning loved ones have been interrupted by some fan yelling “Yo Adrian, I did it!” 

There’s even a grave belonging to Ebenezer Scrooge, left behind from a film production of A Christmas Carol, in an actual churchyard – thus confirming that we’re all living in the crappy alternate timeline created by the Ghost of Christmas Future.

And as we’ve mentioned before, a fake funeral for Walter White led to Breaking Bad fans trampling real people’s burial sites. So while James Bond’s memorial may be kind of nonsensical, at least it won’t lead to the literal desecration of graves belonging to people who exist outside of movies, TV, and KFC promotions. 

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