Comedian Dana Gould Recommends Dr. Z Talk Show And More

Comedian Dana Gould Recommends Dr. Z Talk Show And More

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Hanging With Dr. Z is the mash-up of Planet of the Apes and Between Two Ferns that America didn’t know it needed.

Comedian Dana Gould drops his second season of Hanging With Dr. Z today, with simian host Dr. Zaius schmoozing with the biggest names in comedy.  Season Two has an impressive line-up of guests, including Maria Bamford, Dave Foley, Ron Funches, Hank Azaria, Weird Al, David Koechner, Jeff Garlin, Penn Jillette, Bobcat Goldthwait, Hannah Einbinder, and Gary Anthony Williams.   

Hanging with Dr. Z

Oh, the stories Dr. Z's desk could tell. 

Set in the golden age of talk shows, Gould describes Hanging With Dr. Z as “beautifully stupid.”  Host Dr. Z proves that his star turn in Planet of the Apes was more than a fluke -- the triple-threat ape can do it all from singing to dancing to spinning yarns about nearly every celebrity who’s ever lived. 

What else is Gould into these days?  He recently talked with ComedyNerd about some of his other pop-culture obsessions:

Going to the drive-in. “I just love it. There's a drive-in movie theater about 45 minutes from my house called Mission Tiki Drive-In. It's been around forever. It was renovated in the early aughts and it's beautiful. The first movie I ever saw (Escape from the Planet of the Apes) was at the drive-in when I was six. And I worked at that drive-in high school. It's a very retro night out.  One of my favorite things.” 

The Cinemorph  “Twice a week, I publish 2000-word essays on a weird cult movie or a weird thing about Hollywood that you didn't know, interesting showbiz obscurity.  Right now I'm writing about the 1976 remake of King Kong, in which everything that could have been done wrong was done wrong. Sign up -- it’s free and it’s worth it.”

The Secret History of Hollywood “This is a podcast that I just discovered by a guy named Adam Roche.  So damn good and the deep dives are insane.  And it's all fascinating stuff, like this guy Val Lewton who made horror movies in the 1940s. I highly recommend it, my new favorite podcast.”

Valiant Pictures

Can we all agree that The Rock doesn't exist without Tor Johnson?

 Plan 9 From Outer Space - “It’s the perfect encapsulation of everything I love about show business. It’s beautifully terrible. You can’t stop watching it -- it’s thoroughly entertaining while being beautifully terrible.” 

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