'Book of Boba Fett' Reminds Us That Luke Had A Crush Once

'Book of Boba Fett' Reminds Us That Luke Had A Crush Once

A whole lot of great stuff happened on this week’s episode of The Book of Boba Fett, from the introduction of the Hutt twins to an epic Lawrence of Arabia-esque train heist to Boba tripping balls, thanks to a nasal-injected psychedelic alien lizard (dibs on that band name). One of the best moments finds Boba beating the crap out of a bunch of Space Hell’s Angels in a Tatoonian cantina, saving the nice human couple who, for some reason, decided to spend date night at a scuzzy, monster-filled dive bar.

Star Wars obsessives were quick to notice (even before the series debuted) that the location in question was actually the much-ballyhooed Tosche Station, briefly mentioned (in the whiniest possible way) back in A New Hope. In the original, more American Graffiti-ish cut of the film, we actually got to see Luke reach Tosche Station and hang out with his friends, who … kind of sucked. Like Luke’s awkward teenage crush, Camie, who calls the poor guy “Wormie,” and her (seemingly Spice-addled boyfriend) Laze, AKA “Fixer.” It’s no wonder Luke happily skipped town with some random old man he barely knew.

Sure enough, as revealed by the show’s end credits, those humans who would have been Altamont-ed if it weren’t for Boba Fett were Camie and Fixer, played by different actors – after all, why pour millions into Rogue One-style CGI for two characters who never made it off the cutting room floor?

While they don’t appear in the movie itself, this isn’t the first mention of Camie and Fixer in subsequent Star Wars projects. They were included in the Marvel comics adaptation of A New Hope, the radio play, and more recently, in the novelization of The Last Jedi, which opens with a prologue in which Luke fantasizes that he stayed on Tatooine and married Camie. Which is ultimately pretty sad since Camie was presumably the only girl in current continuity that Luke ever met and liked who didn’t turn out to be a blood relative.

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