'Saturday Night Live': Lorne Michaels Says He May Finally Retire

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'Saturday Night Live': Lorne Michaels Says He May Finally Retire

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Just a week and change after Succession's season three finale hit the small screen, boldly asking “what if a form-fitting white dress managed to singlehandedly upstage 66 minutes of corporate insanity,” it seems yet another drama surrounding the uncertain future of another media empire may be unraveling before our eyes – the fate of Saturday Night Live without Lorne Michaels. 

Yep, after six decades, 20 Primetime Emmy Awards, and a whopping 38 episodes dealing with notorious a-hole, Chevy Chase (a.k.a the six lifetimes in showbiz years) the longtime SNL overlord recently revealed that he's finally considering retirement, a decision that, much like its HBO counterpart, will probably come complete with drama, an absolute banger of a theme song (love that SNL sax!) and a weirdly hot gangly millennial that has every 20-something in NYC ready to risk it all (“Cousin Pete Davidson” does have a nice ring to it). 

“I think I'm committed to doing the show until its 50th anniversary, which is in three years,” Michaels told CBS Morning's Gayle King when asked if he thinks about retirement. “I'd like to see that through.“

While he noted that the show's golden anniversary would be a “really good time to leave,” Michaels expressed concerns surrounding what, exactly the show would be without him. “Here's the point,” he continued. “I won't want the show ever to be bad. I care too deeply about it. It's been my life's work. So I'm gonna do everything I can to see it carry on and carry on well.”

And for who will take over the highly-coveted position? Although Michaels let it slip that he has “a sense of where we’re headed” in terms of his successor, he remained tight-lipped on specifics. My money's on Pete Davidson. If he can land Kim K, Lord knows what else he can do. 

Top Image: CBS

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