Do Classic Christmas Movies Foretell 'Hawkeye's Ending?

Will Marvel go full ‘Santa Clause’?
Do Classic Christmas Movies Foretell 'Hawkeye's Ending?

A whole lot happened on this week’s episode of Hawkeye, not the least of which is the return of Black Widow’s sister Yelena, who’s out to murder Clint because of some lies Julia Louis-Dreyfus told her. Though, in all fairness, we’d probably blindly believe whatever Julia Louis-Dreyfus told us, too. One of the best moments of the entire show so far was when Kate Bishop consoled a homesick Hawkeye by bringing over a stack of Christmas movies to watch – and in retrospect, maybe this random pile of DVDs is more important than you’d think.  

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For starters, they watch It’s a Wonderful Life, which causes Hawkeye to become emotional. And sure, that movie would make even a robotic Clint Eastwood emotional, but think of how it would hit him specifically now that he, not unlike George Bailey, has similarly been reunited with his family after traversing alternate timelines. So is it possible that the other movies we briefly glimpse also have a thematic connection to the show? 

Another DVD Kate brings over is Die Hard, which was cited by Hawkeye’s creators as a major influence in the series. But apart from the combination of Jesus’ birthday and bloodshed, there’s not all that much about Hawkeye so far that’s reminiscent of Die Hard so far, but it’s entirely possible that the show is building to a more explicit homage. Some fans have speculated that the former Avengers tower may have been sold to The Kingpin, whose presence has been repeatedly hinted at. So could we be heading towards a big action-packed finale inside Fisk Tower, àla what went down at Nakatomi Tower? Also, the Macguffin of Hawkeye is a mysterious Rolex watch, and, as we’ve mentioned before, the most important symbolic object in Die Hard just so happens to be a Rolex.

At the very top of Kate’s collection is The Santa Clause. This may be a bit of a stretch, but what if its inclusion is hinting at a dire fate for Clint? A lot of people have speculated that he’ll die at the end of the series, allowing Kate to become the new Hawkeye, and The Santa Clause, of course, is also the story of someone who inherits the mantle of a famous hero following their tragic death. Or maybe it’s just an unsubtle advertisement to check out some of Disney’s other holiday streaming options. 

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