'That 70's Show' Car And 3 Other Classic TV Props Owned By Stars

Plus, which 'Full House' star sports the Tanner family couch in his home.
'That 70's Show' Car And 3 Other Classic TV Props Owned By Stars

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Ahhh props, those things actors hold in sitcoms that that sometimes land in the Smithsonian – or some celebrity's attic. From the teapot from The Office to the Full House couch, here are three stars who snagged iconic sitcom props. 

Wilmer Valderrama Bought The Car From That ‘70s Show

In the roughly 23-year period since That ‘70s Show first hit the small screen  – a near-quarter-century filled with one (1) Primetime Emmy Award, the dude who played Hyde getting canceled for (allegedly) being a massive creep, the bizarreness of spin-off That ‘80s Show and the renewed hype surrounding the recently announced spin-off of That ’90s Show -- the iconic car from the show’s intro ultimately found itself in the collection of Fez himself, actor Wilmer Valderrama, who snagged the car for a relatively thrifty $500 towards the end of the series' run. 

“I'm like, ‘Okay, so, if this is over for good, I got to take something home. "I went straight to the Vista Cruiser." The star told Jay Leno of what compelled him to pick up the artifact on a recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage. "I went to the props department and I said, 'Hey, listen. I got 500 bucks. It doesn't run,'" a deal they apparently took. 

So why this car as opposed to, say, the stoner table or the porn from under Eric's bed? The answer, it seems, is good 'ol nostalgia. 

"I wanted to keep that because every time I get in the car, I get a little emotional about it because I was about to turn 18 when I booked That '70s Show," Valderrama explained. "I think, like any immigrant family, we came here to work and getting That '70s Show was exactly what every generation has experienced in America. That's when I knew everything was possible. And all I had to do was never get fired!"

To further up the warm-and-fuzzy-factor of this purchase, Valderrama has also attempted to keep the car in the same condition that it was in while on set. "All those little dings. You know, the nose dent. There's still glue from the tape from the microphones. There's still velcros when they had the lights hanging," he explained. 

John Stamos Has The Couch From Full House

We may not know what ever happened to predictability, the milkman, the paperboy, and even TV, but it seems we do know the fate of one of Full House's most iconic props – the blue plaid couch at the center of the Tanner family's living room. In the whipped coffee and TP-stockpile days of March 2020, Stamos shared a sweet snap of his son standing by the very ‘90’s relic. “Baby safety gate or one of the most iconic couches in pop TV history? You, make the call,” he wrote. 

Amid the comments from fans discussing just how cool it is Uncle Jesse himself ended up taking home the beloved artifact, it seems some of the IRL stars behind the Tanner Family – who had recently wrapped the final season of spin-off Fuller House a few months earlier – were pretty peeved, with Andrea Barber (a.k.a everyone's favorite annoying neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler) calling Stamos a “thief” and Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner commenting "WHAAAAATTTT?!"

"A lot of my farts are still in that couch," added Dave Coulier, who starred as Uncle Joey when he wasn't (allegedly) serving as the villain in Alanis Morissette's “You Oughta Know."

Hey, let's hope Stamos keeps it in decent shape – they're sure as hell gonna need it when the time comes for Even Fuller House, the inevitable third reboot fueled by pure nostalgia – and a desire to keep those royalties a-flowing. 

John Krasinski Says He Has The Iconic Secret Santa Teapot from The Office

The lone example of a Secret Santa ever not ending in complete disaster, the teapot Jim Halpert gifted his then-future wife, Pam Beesly, during The Office's second season was not only a milestone in their relationship, but also in sitcom history. As such, it seems natural that this iconic item would land in the star's collection. 

During an appearance on the “Office Ladies” podcast last year, a show hosted by Jenna Fischer, the actress behind Jim's on-screen other half, and Angela Kinsey, who starred as Angela Martin, Krasinski revealed that a few years after the series wrapped, Phil Shea, the show's prop master, inexplicably shipped him the artifact alongside a few other choice items from the beloved sitcom.

“He sent me a box, like, three or four years later of my bag, my nameplate, and the teapot, bro," he recalled of the package, adding a "Whaaaaaat?" for good measure. 

And it's not just Krasinski who took home some sweet Office memorabilia – Fischer also says she kept a memento from the production, namely, Pam's hair clip and its storage dish. 

“This is the dish @hairferry made for Pam's hair clip so we wouldn't lose it,” she wrote on Instagram back in 2016 alongside a snap of the accessory sitting in a ceramic plate labeled “JENNA'S DISH." “I had to put it in there at the end of every day. When we ended the show she had it framed for me in a shadow box which I have in my home office.” Organization – even the stars need help sometimes!

Top Image: Fox

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