The Tim Burton Batman era is having a real resurgence in popularity this year. There’s the new Batman ‘89 comic series, Michael Keaton is, of course, reprising his role as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Flash movie, and you can even buy a detailed replica of Batman’s grapnel gun, presumably for lonely dudes looking to impress Kim Basinger-types. Now beloved actor Danny DeVito, who of course played the Penguin in Batman Returns, is getting in on the action with a new comic book.

DeVito penned a Penguin story for the comic collection Gotham City Villains, in which Oswald Cobblepot and Catwoman are, for some reason, a couple. The look of the characters is clearly inspired by the Batman Returns incarnations, making it extra weird that this horny mutant and the woman who found him abjectly repulsive are canoodling on a heart-shaped pillow together.

DC Comics

If that wasn’t odd enough, the story itself is about the pandemic – specifically vaccine inequality. Penguin and Catwoman hatch a scheme to steal what we can only assume are COVID vaccines from the greedy pharmaceutical companies. Following the heist point (SPOILERS for this very strange comic), they somehow aerosolize the vaccine and manage to inoculate the entire world.

DC Comics

As the story wraps up, we find out that, apparently, these two supervillains have put an “end to the pandemic.”

DC Comics

According to DeVito, all Cobblepot wants is to get “everybody vaccinated and give science a chance to get ahead of this,” which … um, great? It’s at least better than his whole “let’s kidnap thousands of children” plan. You know things are bad when a large percentage of the country is behaving less reasonably than the guy whose primary mode of transportation is a giant cartoon sewer duck. Really though, it seems like this whole project was an elaborate exercise in wish-fulfillment in which DeVito’s fictional avatar eradicates COVID while also hooking up with Michelle Pfeiffer – which would probably be annoying if it were coming from anyone other than Danny DeVito.

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Top Image: DC Comics

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