15 Ways They Could Get People to Actually Watch TV Again

Our generation spends more time on the internet and gaming then they do just about everything else. Hell, you're probably even on the internet right now. As a result, ratings are down all over, so the question is, what would the networks have to do to get us to watch again?

Since you're funnier than us and smarter than the networks, we asked you to photoshop a few suggestions and gave $50 to the winner, who we've posted below. But first...

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by replayreb


by bunker6


by joscott


by codespyder


by Boron


by steely8383




by Billy Goat


by codespyder


by Pete359


by jerewhit


by penperv


by keepthefaith


by Spoder

And the winner is...

by jckhkm

Congrats, jckhkm. You win money.

Want in on this?

You'll have another chance. This week's theme is:

Awesome Home Improvements From The Future.

Do you ever wonder what your home will look like 20 or 30 years from now, what with all of the advances in appliances, furniture, etc that technology is bound to give us? Fire up Photoshop and show us what life looks like inside your futuristic dream home.

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Post your entries in the forums.

If you'd like to see the many worthy submissions that didn't make it, check out the submissions thread. Or take a look at What The World Would Look Like If The Other Side Won The War. For pictures too strange to make up, but not to make fun of, check out The Daily Craption Contest.

Got an idea for a future Cracked photoshop contest? Let us know.

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