The Untitled Mario Movie Will Probably Not Involve Chris Pratt Doing A Bad Italian Accent

The Untitled Mario Movie Will Probably Not Involve Chris Pratt Doing A Bad Italian Accent

Bad news if you were looking forward to watching 2022's untitled Mario film merely to scowl at the very American Chris Pratt -- a.k.a the least-popular Hollywood Chris at the moment – attempting to feign an Italian accent while voicing Nintendo's iconic plumber: To the relief of some and the disappointment of others who love terrible, terrible movie accents, a la Nicolas Cage in Con Air, it seems Pratt will (probably) not attempt to sound like Luigi from the Simpsons – or, well, Mario's bro Luigi either, apparently– seemingly scrapping the whole accent schtick in the upcoming movie. 

According to Chris Meledandri, the Italian-American CEO and founder of Illumination, one of the entertainment companies behind the Nintendo adaptation, the film probably won't have too many “it's-a me, Mario-s," or, well, much of his signature accent for that matter, a decision he appeared to use as a justification for the casting of non-Italian Pratt in the tentatively titular role. 

“We cover it in the movie,” he told tabloid TooFab while attempting to leave the airport, adding that presumably bad accents are “not the tenor of the performance throughout the film."

And for those still upset that Pratt is portraying the Italian American hero on the big screen? According to Meledandri, the film's “nod” to Italian Americans comes in the form of Mario's green-hat-sporting sibling, Luigi. Played by Charlie Day – a.k.a. the actor behind It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's resident King of the Rats, Charlie Kelly -- Meledandri notes that the star “actually comes from Italian heritage,” apparently making everything okay? 

I'm no Italian American but I'm not sure that's how it works, my guy. Who knew the new Mario would follow behind Space Jam: A New Legacy as one of the early 2020's most controversial flicks? 

Top Image: Shutterstock/Nintendo 

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