'Clone High' Is Coming Back (And Deserves More Love This Time )

The underrated cartoon comedy greatness is being brought out of the meat locker.
'Clone High' Is Coming Back (And Deserves More Love This Time )

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All good things come to an end, but some good things aren't ending; they're just frozen for a couple of decades waiting to be thawed out like pop-culture Captain Americas. Such is the case for the animated comedy cult phenomenon Clone High. In July of 2020, MTV began shopping around revivals of their old hits, and on the menu, right under Beavis and Butt-Head, was Clone High (which should be eaten with a knork, thank you). The show has been revived, much to the delight of its fans who are rioting at a college level.

If you've never seen Clone High, the intense reactions of its stalwart fans probably have you like, say whaaaaaaaaat? So let me explain. Way way back in the early aughties, then-unknown writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller created an animated tv show about historical figures being secretly cloned and sent to the same high school. The show centers around the friendship trio of Abe Lincoln, Joan of Arc, and the lovable scamp Gandhi, as they try to navigate the pitfalls that we all remember from high school, like not getting enough sleep, standardized tests, and dating Cleopatra. 

The show also has a special guest every episode, ranging from Ashley Angel of O-Town to Mandy Moore to Jack Black. 

And now Clone High is Jack back, with HBO Max giving two new seasons to play with. Despite being over a year since the reboot was announced, we don't know too much about what's coming, but I'll give you the facts so you can bone up for the Clone High PXJTs. 

Despite changing where it airs (MTV isn't as relevant as it used to be), the show's creative team is pretty familiar. Lord and Miller are, of course, onboard, as is the original producer, Bill Lawrence (the creator of Scrubs and co-creator of Ted Lasso). Joining them is Clone High writer Erica Rivinoja, who will now be the showrunner (and is fresh off an Oscar nom for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm). We know the title of the first episode is "Let's Try This Again." While so far none of the cast has been confirmed, it's a pretty safe bet that Will Forte (of Saturday Night Live, The Last Man on Earth, and most importantly MacGruber) will keep working with Lord and Miller, and hopefully they can get Joan of Arc, Gandhi, and Cleopatra back on board too. (Don't worry, JFK is voiced by er, uh, Chris Miller, so he's already locked in!)

When Clone High was made, Phil Lord and Chris Miller were nobodies, but that's changed a little since they left the prom. The duo has gone on to make 21 Jump StreetThe Last Man on EarthThe Lego Movie, and a little Marvel flick called Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. So it's a safe bet that this time they won't have to take over a creepy wing of the Scrubs hospital to make the show. Nor will they have to leech their special guests from Scrubs like they did before.

As a diehard Clone High fan, I know for the last decade I've had absolutely no hope that we'd ever see our protagonists come out of the meat locker and untangle the messy season finale. But now our time has come. The writers are writing. JFK is a TikTok meme. It just goes to show you …

Top Image: Warner Bros.

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