Let Us Help Fund Your Video Game Habit

It's Video Game on One Cracked Fact and we're giving away $100 to keep you gaming.
Let Us Help Fund Your Video Game Habit

It's video game week on One Cracked Fact! Every day this week, we'll be exploring the world of gaming--from how some video games came to be, to true crimes surrounding their creation, to the wild gamers that populate our physical and virtual worlds. To keep you satiated with all the games you need (for a few hours at least), we're giving one One Cracked Fact subscriber a $100 to the gaming network of your choice! Whatever console or network you like--Playstation? Xbox? Nintendo? Whatever!--we just want to make sure you never have to be AFK on our watch.

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Note: Sweepstakes is open November 1, 2021 through November 17. Those wishing to enter can sign up for One Cracked Fact above, on cracked.com/newsletters, or via any sign-up module that appears on cracked.com. On Monday, November 8th a winner will be randomly selected as the recipient of one (1) $100 egift card to the gaming network of their choice. We'll reach out to that person via email to get the prize details. The winner will have three (3) days to reply or we'll select a new winner. The process will continue until the selected winner provides their shipping information to receive the prize. Odds of winning are based on the number of subscribers to the One Cracked Fact newsletter on November 8th. Cracked and One Cracked Fact newsletter are governed by Cracked's privacy policy. Any subscriber to One Cracked Fact or any Cracked newsletter can unsubscribe at any time via the link at the bottom of any Cracked newsletter. For questions, or to receive the name of the winner, please contact newsletter@cracked.com.

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