Bones Day or No Bones: This Pug Can Predict What Type Of Day We'll Have

If you need us, we'll be melting back into bed like Noodle the pug.
Bones Day or No Bones: This Pug Can Predict What Type Of Day We'll Have

Move over, astrology, tarot cards, and that one game of M.A.S.H. that predicted you'd live in a mansion with your husband, Cole Sprouse, your 15 children, and your three pet squirrels – it seems yet another medium of predicting the future has made its way to the forefront of the social media lexicon – determining whether Noodle, a 13-year-old pug wants to get out of bed.

Over the past several weeks, TikTok user @jongraz  – a.k.a Jonathan Graziano – and his elderly dog Noodle, have found viral fame on TikTok with their knack for determining what kind of day the collective, chronically online masses will have with a game they call “No Bones,” in which the world sees, in real(ish) time whether or not the pug “woke up with bones."

As implied by this introduction, the rules of “No Bones” are simple. If Noodle stays standing after being lifted from his puppy slumber, we're having a “Bones Day,” or a day defined by luxury and self-indulgence. “It's a bones day and you know what that means,” he said in a video posted Friday. “You gotta treat yourself today. Get the scallion pancakes with your takeout order. I don't care if you finish 'em. Get that deliriously expensive candle," he continued. "Bask in your good fortune and have a great weekend!” 


If Noodle falls back into his bed on the other hand, it means we're having a “No Bones” day. "It's not a bad thing as much as it's just — you have permission to flop," Graziano recently told Insider of the phenomenon. 


More than merely sending their videos into the viral stratosphere, competing with every single cursed remix of “Oh No! Our Table! It's Broken!” the Borat-inspired “this my house!” videos and, well, this highly-cursed mashup for that sweet, sweet, For You Page real estate, it seems others have begun taking Noodle's premonitions to heart, creating response videos about running late … 


… putting off chores … 


… and even taking a personal day to honor Noodle's boneless-ness. 


Yet even before their TikTok fame, Graziano says Noodle has always had a propensity for slumping back into bed, a habit he's had since he adopted the then seven-year-old pug back in 2016. "We just learned very early on that if he doesn't want to do something, he's going to use the tools at his disposal to not do it," he explained. 

While a commonplace of everyday life to him, it seems the internet has quickly blown up this concept into the viral stratosphere, a reaction Graziano describes as “overwhelming." 

“It is absolutely mind-blowing to see so many people help me to celebrate this sweet, silly, stubborn old man who I love so much and to share your own stories of your own dogs who go boneless and to make your own content around this," he explained in a TikTok posted over the weekend.

So, folks, here's to Noodle. May every day be a bones days (except for the days where we want to sleep in). 

Top Image: @jongraz on TikTok

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