James Bond and The Simpsons Aren't Actually That Different After All

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James Bond and The Simpsons Aren't Actually That Different After All

Move over, tarot cards, tea leaves, and Matt Groening's team of clairvoyant showrunners  – it seems The Simpsons has some new competition in existing as the world's premier fortune telling medium – at least according to No Time To Die director Cary Joji Fukunaga. Throughout James Bond's roughly seven-decade sex and alcohol-fueled existence as a book series and film franchise, it seems 007 has gleaned some of the long-running cartoon's psychic abilities. 

“It’s funny, if you go back and look at some of the … villains and their plots to see how they’ve played out differently over time, it’s almost like The Simpsons, when The Simpsons predicts things in the future,” Fukunaga told the AV Club

Although we as a society have yet to fully transcend into the world of James Bond – unfortunately for those of us who dream of rocking a deadly bowler hat – the director maintains that there are a number of instances in which “you can go back into some of the Bond films and kind of pinpoint things that we ended up seeing actually happening" – more specifically, the plot of Tomorrow Never Dies. Featuring 007 facing off with a tyrannical media tycoon who ensues chaos in pursuit of becoming the world's sole media outlet, Fukunaga says that life has not only managed to somewhat imitate art since the flick's 1997 release but also, that the No Time To Die team once looked to its predecessor for inspiration. 

“That’s actually what I was really thinking about—Tomorrow Never Dies— in terms of disinformation,” he said when asked about the film as an example of Bond's clairvoyance. “It was something we were looking at very early on with this one. Just in terms of general strategies for keeping the public confused based on, you know, disinformation campaigns. That was something we actually looked at at one time.”

So, folks, considering this track record, as well as its Simpsonian predecessor, let's hope we don't see any – SPOILER ALERT – DNA-filled pools of acid in 20-odd years. Just like Homer Simpson, Daniel Craig can't save us from everything.

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