Eminem Is Opening 'Mom's Spaghetti' Pasta Restaurant

If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize Eminem's mom's spaghetti, in one moment, would you capture it? Or just let it slip?
Eminem Is Opening 'Mom's Spaghetti' Pasta Restaurant

Look, Reader, If you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize Marshall Mathers's mom's spaghetti, in one moment, would you capture it? Or just let it slip … like vomit down Eminem's sweater? If so, it seems you're in luck – on Wednesday, the rapper will officially open his first permanent, brick-and-mortar restaurant, Mom's Spaghetti, allowing fans to get a taste of his mom's famed pasta dish in all of its (pre-puked up) glory. 

Located in Union Assembly in Detroit, Michigan, one of the Midwestern locales in which the rapper grew up, the restaurant, as its name implies, will serve spaghetti, spaghetti, and more spaghetti. Featuring a small menu, Mom's Spaghetti only serves a handful of items: the eponymous Mom's Spaghetti, Mom's Spaghetti – but with meatballs, and the ‘Sghetti Sandwich, which is Mom's Spaghetti layered between two slices of bread, a.k.a. the carbo-loading pre-workout meal you’ll definitely throw up all over your sweater. 

However it seems Eminem and his team took this vomit factor into account – above the restaurant, the star will also open a store called The Trailer, where fans can pick up Mom's Spaghetti merch – presumably including clean t-shirts -- and memorabilia from the rapper's career.  

However as The Cut noted, the eatery, which was created in partnership with Union Joints Restaurant Group, is not the first time the star has peddled his mother's famed pasta. Although Eminem opened a pop-up iteration of the restaurant back in 2017, the rapper revamped his pasta-making efforts again last year, sending several helpings of the famous dish to frontline healthcare workers in several local hospitals throughout the Detroit area in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“We’ve had a lot of fun putting this project together with the folks at Union Joints, and the response from fans has been overwhelmingly positive,” Eminem's manager, Paul Rosenberg, said in a statement posted to the restaurant's website. “The previous pop-ups were really a test for us to determine whether there was enthusiasm for a regularly-occurring Mom’s Spaghetti spot that would be open all year long. We are really pleased to announce the arrival of the walk-up restaurant and adjacent upstairs store, called The Trailer, where fans can experience a uniquely-curated environment and obtain merch and other items from Eminem and his new pasta operation.”

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