3 Reasons You Need the One Cracked Fact Newsletter

Just enough Cracked, sent to your inbox every day.
3 Reasons You Need the One Cracked Fact Newsletter

One Cracked Fact is a daily newsletter from Cracked that delivers a new story into your inbox every single day. It’s good--we promise! Ali R says “I’ve actually enjoyed these.” If that’s not enough to convince you, here are 3 of other reasons you might love One Cracked Fact.

It’s just enough Cracked.


You (theoretically) love Cracked because we dig into everything and bring a unique take. One Cracked Fact dives into the interesting and the weird worlds of science, history, pop culture and more. From the stinky history of ice skating and skateboarding soldiers, to the creation of the McRib or Kung Fu Panda--and everything in between--we’re dishing out the right amount of Cracked, directly to your inbox, ready to be read at your leisure.

You can win stuff!


Periodically, One Cracked Fact will focus on a single topic for a full week. Upcoming topics include comic books, video games, and space. During each week, we’ll be giving away some cool sh*t, but only to One Cracked Fact subscribers!

There’s no video ad.

Cracked produces a lot of amazing videos. Honest Ads, Your Brain on Cracked, Cannonball---stuff we think you’ll dig. But, sometimes you might not want that video playing in the middle of reading an article. One Cracked Fact delivers you the article, but without the video.

If you’re ready to join the 40+ thousand readers who love One Cracked Fact. like Paula G who says it’s “like crack to me” or Bruce H who says it “gives me a new nugget to chew every day, enter your email below.

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