Mike Trapp doesn't understand why Disney hasn't already adapted this true Grimms' fairy tale about a half-hedgehog, half-man, rooster-riding bagpiper jerk. So we went ahead and adapted ourselves with beautiful illustrations by Winston Rowntree that bring this not-quite-beloved classic to life.

Writer/Narrator: Mike Trapp 
Illustrator: Winston Rowntree 
Animator: Tony Wilson 
Editors: Jordan Breeding, Bryan Slack, Tony Wilson 

Hans: Jesse Eisemann 
Farmer/Villager: Jordan Breeding 
Farmer's Wife: Shea Strauss 
King 1: Greg Ott 
King 2: Bryan Slack 
Princess 1/2: Carly Tennes

Based on the story "Hans My Hedgehog" — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_My_Hedgehog

Check out Winston's Instagram here. Tony's got a website here. Check out Jordan's other work or connect on Twitter.

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