It's Time to Make That Space Opera You've Been Dreaming About

It's Time to Make That Space Opera You've Been Dreaming About

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So you got really into Flume last year and decided you want to be a music producer, too. How's that going? Did you completely forget about that brief phase of your life? Well, we're here to reinvigorate it because The Complete 2021 Synth & Sound Software Bundle is now on sale for 94% off $520 at just $29.99.

This massive collection of software for psychoacoustic effects, piano tones, strumming patterns, and more will give you all the tools you need to create your own original music, audioscapes, scores, or whatever you're calling the assemblage of sounds you birthed. It starts with Objeq Delay Pro, a plug-in combining acoustic filtering with a delay unit. From psychoacoustic effects to space-out echoes and beyond, the modulation and feedback filters of Objeq Delay let you get truly wacky with music. It comes with 35 echo presets, 44 modulators, 36 rhythmic loop manglers, 25 kick track enhancers, 20 snare track enhancers, 24 drones, and more than 40 presets from both Richard Devine and Martin Walker.

But don't take our word for it. We barely know what that means! David Baer of SoundBytes says, "Objeq Delay is a plug-in like no other. It's a marvel of innovative thinking that may or may not inspire you, but I heartily recommend checking it out so that you may decide that for yourselves. Some of you, I can almost guarantee, is going to fall in love with it." Tommy Zai over at Gearslutz (seriously) adds, "Objeq is perfect for anyone looking for a distinctive delay that is musical, inspiring, and sui generis. I give this fine effect an affectionate double thumbs up--Love it!"

Beyond Objeq Delay Pro, you'll also get nine more sound and effect packs to give yourself virtually limitless sound horizons so you can stop using yakkity sax for everything. Best of all, right now, The Complete 2021 Synth & Sound Software Bundle is just $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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