A California Politician Resigned After Bragging About Two Affairs Into A Mic

A California Politician Resigned After Bragging About Two Affairs Into A Mic

Last week, Andrew Cuomo joined a long list of politicians to resign after sex scandals. Usually, the way this goes, some outlet breaks the scandal, the politician denies the allegations for weeks, and only after long mounting pressure does he call it quits. But sometimes, the timeline speeds up. Such as when, say, the guy unwittingly admits everything from the start.

On July 8, 2009, California Assemblyman Michael D. Duvall was in an appropriations meeting. The room had TV cameras, and a mic sat in front of every speaker. Duvall assumed his microphone was still off when he leaned toward a colleague and started talking about the woman he'd been seeing behind his wife's back.

The sex talk got pretty explicit, to the point that when a news station finally shared the footage a couple months later, they couldn't air the whole thing and stuck to the censored video below. Some of the less explicit details included the sort of underwear the paramour wore ("eyepatch underwear"; we'll let you figure out what that meant) and the couple's spanking routine. 

Oh, and have you heard the informal rule that checks whether a woman's too young for a man—divide the guy's age by 2 and add 7, and make sure she's older than that? Duvall said he and she joked that she must be younger than that, which meant she had just one year left till he had to dump her. By mentioning her age and birthday, he effectively outed the woman's identity. It was an energy company lobbyist, and Duvall's duties included overseeing the energy industry. 

Duvall ended up resigning just hours after a TV station broadcast the tape. The man had previously received a 100% rating from a "pro-family" organization.

The lobbyist, by the way, denied the affair and considered suing Duvall. She couldn't have been happy, hearing the recorded conversation. Especially the part where Duvall bragged that, in addition to cheating on his wife with her, he was cheating on the lobbyist with yet another woman. 

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Top image: Orange County Register

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