Clippy Is Jeff Bezos's Forbidden Doppelganger, TikTok Argues

Eat your heart out, Dr. Evil and Stonks Guy!
Clippy Is Jeff Bezos's Forbidden Doppelganger, TikTok Argues

Move over, Dr. Evil and Stonks Guy: It seems billionaire space cowboy cosplayer Jeff Bezos has a new doppelganger, at least in the eyes of a viral TikTok -- none other than Clippy, the aggressively altruistic paperclip Word assistant we so desperately hoped would remain a bygone relic of the early 2000s. 

Just weeks after Microsoft threatened teased a potential Clippy comeback on Twitter, offering to replace the paperclip emoji in Office 365 with the notorious virtual assistant in exchange for 20,000 likes, a benchmark the post quickly surpassed, the concerningly considerate metallic helper found himself at the forefront of the public lexicon once again after TikTok user @cartervailmusic noted the Word assistant's uncanny resemblance to the ex Amazon CEO.

“I think this guy looks just like this thing," he sang in the video, alongside pictures of the pair floating through a cloudy void and the harrowing confines of Microsoft Word. “And I'm not sure why, but do you think the same thing as me?"


Garnering nearly 1 million views since hitting the site on July 31, it seems the answer to @cartervailmusic's vague, melodic question was a resounding yes, with several others taking to TikTok to share their approval of the forbidden duo, with some even arguing that Bezos is actually an alternate version of Clippy – one that was granted a wish to become a real boy. 

While neither Bezos nor Clippy have responded to these allegations, presumably too busy with their not-so respective daily tasks of being an IRL supervillain and annoying the Hell out of some poor grandma who hasn't gotten a new computer since the Bush administration, the pair are longtime pals, with a rapport going back roughly two decades, with the billionaire notably attending the anthropomorphic paperclip's retirement party back in 2001.  

Top Image: TikTok

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