5 Terrible Things Happening Under Biden Right Now

Biden's campaign was touted as the most progressive in American history. So, how's that working out for everyone?
5 Terrible Things Happening Under Biden Right Now

After Biden beat Trump in the 2020 election, his campaign was touted as the most progressive in American history, with the first Black and Asian vice president and myriad policies purportedly aimed at helping minority communities. And while "most progressive US president" is a bit like "least racist uncle" at Thanksgiving, given the shockingly high rate of war crimes the US government commits, does Biden actually deserve this reputation? Unsurprisingly, no, as a lot of things still continue to happen under the Biden administration ...

Biden’s Administration Is Defending Trump In His Sexual Assault Case

Joe Biden himself is no stranger to controversy. His presidential win was met with a lot of friction from many groups, like #MeToo activists, for good reason. A man with sexual assault allegations is probably not the best suited for understanding women's rights issues—much less qualified for president—but that apparently hasn't stopped the Biden administration from doing so, as they've gone on to do the thing Biden's campaign attacked Trump for in the primaries: defend him in his sexual assault lawsuit.

E. Jean Carroll

julieannesmo/Wiki Commons

We're talking about the suit from E. Jean Carroll. Yeah, we know, it's impossible to remember them all. 

Trump's allegations run decades back but came to widespread prominence during his 2016 run for president, in which many women came forward and accused him of sexually harassing and/or assaulting them. Obviously, being the great country that America is, we collectively decided that this wasn't an issue and made him president anyway. Trump's allegations didn't get significant headway until a defamation case in 2019 was run against him, which continued well into Biden's own administration. Any reasonably minded person might conclude that Biden, being the 'most progressive president of all time,' might choose not to defend Trump at all in this case. Well, you'd be more wrong than Trump supporters were on November 7th.

See, not only is Biden not going against Trump in his defamation case, his administration is wholeheartedly trying to defend him. Biden's Department of Justice team's reasoning is that because Trump was the president of the United States, he made those statements against his accuser in his capacity as president, so his actions were a part of the office. 

For a man whose entire campaign ran on "I'm not Trump," he is making sure that Trump gets out of The White House with a clean, unscathed record. Given that Biden has his own sexual assault allegations, maybe it's a case of people in glass (white) houses not throwing stones.

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Labeling Left-Wing Groups As Terrorists

Among the other more idiotic things that came out of the Donald's mouth, his campaign was riddled with a lot of anti-leftist rhetoric. Donald went so far as to get some groups such as Antifa labeled as terrorism, which kind of reveals what kind of presidency/state you're running when it is targeting people who literally oppose fascism as enemies of itself. Some leftists saw an opportunity with Trump's term ending to see more legitimacy in their movement, now that a fascist wasn't in charge anymore.

What they got instead was ... basically more of the same misguided anti-leftist rhetoric under Joe Biden. Recently, a training document for the US military was revealed to have categories for different kinds of terrorists. The document asks trainees to classify types of terrorists, asking what ideological category "anarchists, socialists and neo-nazis" represent. The correct answer, according to the test: "political terrorists."

navy training guide

via The Intercept

Y'know, to distinguish them from all those apolitical terrorists. 

You've already seen the idea that Antifa or socialists are a threat to American Democracy from the right when they blamed "lawless anarchists and Antifa" for starting the Capitol Hill riot. Yet Democrats like Biden are perfectly fine with similarly associating Antifa with violence.

Biden talks a big game about wanting to stamp out terrorism, but maybe he should check out his own administration first and make sure he's not saying the same stuff his so-called 'political enemies' are. Especially for a dude whose campaign slogan was 'I beat socialism.'

Mistreating Immigrants And Immigration Activists

There's no question that Trump ran one of the most anti-immigrant/racist campaigns in modern US history. From "bad hombres" to "build the wall" to allegedly telling border patrol to gun down immigrants, the four years under Trump's regime were not at all a good time for immigration and set back many pro-immigrant policies set into place prior ... even though Trump apparently loved white immigrants, just not 'dangerous' brown ones

Donald Trump

US House

"Why are so many immigrants foreigners? Why don't we have more immigrants from Portland?"

So when Biden took office, a bunch of immigrant advocates welcomed his administration with open arms, hoping that maybe this one white president won't be like the many other white presidents before him. As you guessed it, they were quite wrong, as Biden is not only ramping up a lot of the anti-immigration policies/rhetoric established by Trump but is also flat out allowing law enforcement to be hostile to them. 

One key anti-immigration policy enacted by Trump was Title 42 of the Public Health Safety Act, which states that the US government can basically deny entrance into the country on the basis of "public health safety," such as the Coronavirus pandemic. When Biden took office, he did not dismantle it at all, basically continuing to keep immigrants out like the world's most racist game of Pong. A lot of immigration advocates and health experts are basically up in arms about this, saying that there's no real scientific reason behind it, and it is fueled almost entirely by xenophobia. And given the US's history with racism against Mexico, we didn't need a scientist to figure that one out.

The border fence between El Paso and Juarez

Dicklyon/Wiki Commons

Set up a test and vaccine site at the border. It'll be the safest place in Texas. 

On top of that, border patrol has been recorded using a rotor wash on immigration activists, which is basically when a helicopter flies low to the ground and sends dirt, dust, and debris flying at crowds to clear them out -- a tactic straight out of something like The Hunger Games.

And the cherry on top of this racist sundae is that Vice President Kamala Harris told immigrants to "not come" on her trip to Guatemala that was supposed to be about bringing America and Guatemala closer together. Guess their idea of bringing them together means putting families in camps. At least they won't be separated.

Cutting Off The Unemployed

The Covid-19 pandemic has been pretty hard for the entire world, but working-class people have definitely been hit the hardest. If you thought your 9-5 job was tough already, wait until you get laid off completely because companies wanna keep their margins tight when more people are staying home and not eating in at their filthy establishment. A silver lining came through though, in the form of unemployment benefits, which received a massive $600 per week initially.

Girl holding American Dollar Bills

Alexander Mils/Unsplash

"Woohoo! Never leaving home again! Mostly because this isn't enough to cover rent, and I want to avoid the landlord in the hallway, but still …"

Then those were whittled down to just $300 extra per week. A lot of workers depended on these benefits to survive and found out that more than half of the states were not only cutting them early but that Joe Biden gave them the complete go-ahead to do so.

One rationale behind cutting benefits off early was that states had a lot of jobs not being taken, as people would rather stay home, collect unemployment, and not work than go out and find a job. Studies have disputed this. On top of that, you can't reasonably expect people to go out and find jobs that might actually kill them. Being the president of the United States, Biden actually has the power to require states to continue paying unemployment benefits, even if they halt them, and some states have even been sued by workers and forced to continue paying them out anyway.

So why is Biden wiping his hands of it all? Mainly because he thinks that it's time for people to go back to work. Though, even when there is a job, the pay is often significantly lower than the bare minimum needed for workers to survive and might put them in danger of contracting COVID. 

The War On Science Is Still Happening

Trump's years in office were some of the most anti-science in history. Not only did he frequently appoint conspiracy theorist whack jobs to office, but he promoted beliefs like climate change denialism. Many science workers were looking forward to his term ending so that science could again find legitimacy in the country's highest position.

Or so they thought, as some of those anti-science sentiments are still leftover and ongoing under Biden right now. A few scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency, for example, are reporting a lot of misconduct going on, like outright changing documents or throwing away research that suggests that certain chemicals aren't toxic. Given how dependent some companies are on manufacturing products with potentially dangerous chemicals, this might actually pose a risk to the consumer.

PEER letter


And yet we see why this story doesn't trend, compared to "Trump sets Big Mac on fire" or whatever. 

The person sitting in the office might no longer be orange and blonde, but Biden is allowing dangerous anti-science actions to take place seemingly for the sake of protecting big business. But that's the American way, isn't it?

Top image: Gage Skidmore

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