Cockroach Upstages Olympic Field Hockey Match

Cockroach Upstages Olympic Field Hockey Match

It's no secret that the erm, unique, televised coverage of the Tokyo Olympics has sparked frustration among sports fans, the old dudes who love attempting to dunk on gymnastics GOAT Simone Biles despite not even being able to touch their toes, and those of us with nothing better to do than spend hot vaxx summer indoors, binge-watching the games. Described as “televisual vomit” by The Guardian's Aaron Timms and “ridiculous” by my father, who was vocally frustrated with the lack of digital leaderboards during the Men's Triathalon ("how the hell are we supposed to tell who's in the lead without any names?), the network's approach to streaming the competitions has garnered widespread flack for its weird, tangental segments, strange cutaways, and bizarre delays of notable events, a not-so-subtle ploy to garner those sweet, sweet primetime replay views. 

Yet it seems these infamous broadcasts hit a new low last week after a cockroach singlehandedly (single antenna-edly?) managed to upstage a preliminary women's field hockey between Spain and Argentina, according to Insider. With approximately five minutes left in the competition, it seems some cameraman got a little bored of recording the game, deeming a rogue cockroach scurrying adjacent to the field more interesting than the match itself, confusing the hell out of approximately everyone. 

Still immortalized in NBC's recap of the event, it seems the bug stole the show, despite Argentina winning the match. Moral of the story? If you have no athletic skill and want to be an Olympic breakout star, be reincarnated as a cockraoch. 

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