Amid Surge of Unruly Passengers, Flight Attendants Flock To Take Self Defense Courses


On today's installment of reasons why we just can't have nice things, it seems flight attendants have taken an extra step to combat the concerning surge of airplane passengers exhibiting dangerous and unruly behavior while flying the friendly skies – taking self-defense classes. 

Yep, with more than 3,600 on-board incidents reported to the Federal Avation Administration over the past year, with roughly 100 of those occurring in the past week, according to CNN, flight attendants have evidently garnered an interest in learning to keep themselves safe, with hundreds planning to take the Transportation Security Administration's course on the topic.

"You get on a plane full of people and some of them are not very happy and you just never know what's going to happen," a flight attendant named Carrie told the news outlet of why she decided to take the class. “It's just more imperative that we take care of ourselves and take care of our passengers because people are anxious, and they're upset, and they're frustrated, and sometimes that comes out inappropriately.” 

Featuring lessons like including how to minimize the damage of blows, how to punch an attacker, and even go for their eyes as a last resort when dealing with a hijacker, the class is intense, with skills that will hopefully never have to be used. Remember, folks, don't f%@($ with flight attendants. 

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