Facebook Doesn't Kill People, People and Deadly Viruses Kill People, President Biden Clarifies


Despite President Joe Biden's bold campaign promises of “no malarkey" throughout his 2020 campaign, it seems the American people can still have a little malarkey as a treat, as earlier this week, 46 was forced to walk back a bizarrely-worded comment regarding the circulation of public health misinformation on social media, clarifying that despite his previous assertion, Facebook doesn't kill people – deadly viruses and anti-vaxxer nonsense kills people. 

During a press conference last Friday, a reporter asked the President and alleged hair sniffing enthusiast what message he would send to Facebook about the spread of  Covid-19  misinformation on their platform, to which he replied "they’re killing people.”

“I mean they really, look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated,” 46 elaborated while standing outside of the White House, per CNBC. “And that’s -- they’re killing people."

Yet less than a week after his comment made headlines, evidently pissing off Facebook enough to issue a statement begging 46's administration to stop “finger pointing,” Biden issued a clarification, rephrasing his statement to avoid painting the social media giant as a sentient tech version of Jeffrey Dahmer.

"Facebook isn’t killing people, these 12 people are out there giving misinformation," the President clarified earlier this week. "Anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it. It is killing people. It's bad information. My hope is that Facebook, instead of taking it personally that somehow I'm saying Facebook is killing people, that they would do something about the misinformation, the outrageous misinformation about the vaccine. That's what I meant.”

Although POTUS says he isn't looking to hold the social platform accountable, according to NBC News, Biden says he questions if Facebook has taken enough measures to combat the spread of misinformation. 

“I'm trying to make people look at themselves, look in the mirror, think about that misinformation going to your son, your daughter, your relative, someone you love,” he said. “That’s what I’m asking.”

Remember, folks, nothing encourages self-reflection quite like proverbially being accused of murder!

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