Among Us Crewmate-Shaped Chicken Nugget From McDonald's BTS Collab Sells For Almost $100,000 on eBay

BTS Chicken McNugget is sus.
Among Us Crewmate-Shaped Chicken Nugget From McDonald's BTS Collab Sells For Almost $100,000 on eBay

On today's installment of extremely sus internet purchases, an Among Us crewmate-shaped chicken nugget allegedly hailing from one of McDonald's BTS Meals sold on eBay yesterday for $99,997.00, singlehandedly proving that we are living in a game of pop culture Mad Libs gone horribly, horribly wrong. 

The nugget, described as being in “used” condition with the caveat that the (technically) perishable item would "be delivered prior to expiration” first hit the site with a starting price of just 99 cents on May 28, a pretty reasonable ask in the ultra-expensive world of food-lookalikes. Yet in just two days, the meat-like figure's value quickly skyrocketed into five-figure sums, with the item's first bidder offering an eye-popping $14,969.69 to get their hands on the coveted nugget. Over the course of the next several days, a tense bidding war ensued. $14,969.69 quickly turned to $15,169.69 (nice), which within a matter of hours, shot to $30,169.69. On June 3, the final day of bidding, the price started at $69,896.00, before hitting its final nearly $100,000 form

So why, exactly, was this nugget so damn expensive? Aside from its uncanny resemblance to the beloved quarantine-staple video game, as The Verge noted, part of the reason behind this dramatic price increase could be its strange origin story – its alleged emergence from a box of BTS Chicken McNuggets. Last month, the mega-popular K-pop boy band took some time off from their busy schedule of being pop stars and singlehandedly convincing the South Korean government to add loopholes into their mandatory military service requirements to launch a collaboration with the popular fast-food chain. Featuring a streetwear-inspired clothing collection and their own signature meal, consisting of a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, a medium french fry, two new sauces drawing from McDonald's South Korean offerings, and a medium Coke, the offering was greeted with the borderline-terrifying excitement of the BTS Army, and apparently the lucky winner who turned their meal into a $100,000 payday. 

So folks, moral of the story? Before you dig into your nuggets, toast, or really any food you're about to devour, take a moment to inspect if it resembles any pop culture character – get that six-figure payday. 

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