Yahoo! Answers To Shut Down Permanently In May


Bad news for anyone who has ever wondered if they were “prangnet"– The wonderful world of Yahoo Answers, the shining beacon that has guided us through all the trials and tribulations of the human condition, wondering if we accidentally turned our boyfriend into a vampire …

…  our musings on fine dining …

… and our deepest quandaries of the afterlife … 

…  is finally closing its digital doors. On May 4, the unofficial home of the internet's most cursed inquires will shut down permanently after a long and sordid 16-ish-year run, according to The Verge, at which point the site's highly-cursed archives will be (thankfully) scrubbed from the internet with links to the bygone site redirecting users to the secondary search engine's homepage. Much to the disappointment of stoners everywhere looking to celebrate the upcoming holiday by throwing their most existential questions into the void, Yahoo Answers will shift to “read-only mode” beginning on April 20, the company noted of the closure in a statement plastered atop the forum's homepage. 

Despite this vague notote, the company elaborated further on their decision in a letter sent to active users, noting the platform's declining popularity and their intention to “shift” their resources to “focus on products that better serve our members.”

“We launched Yahoo Answers sixteen years ago to help people around the world connect and share information,” read the note. “With you and millions of other users, we built the best place on the web to ask and answer questions on a variety of topics, creating a community of global knowledge sharing. While we could not have been prouder of what we accomplished together, we are reaching out today to let you know that we have decided to shut down Yahoo Answers on May 4th, 2021.”

So folks, its the end of an era. Here's to hoping those wondering if they're prangent found their answers. Goodnight, sweet prince. 

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