Paddington Bear Crashes Joker, WandaVision, Jurassic Park

Please look after this bear .. and get him an Oscar, stat.
Paddington Bear Crashes Joker, WandaVision, Jurassic Park

Reader, have you ever found yourself watching an action-filled superhero flick, a heart-pounding thriller, or a tense-Oscar worthy drama and felt like something was just … missing? Amid the action, the stunts, the violent finales, and the often very bad CGI work (looking at you, Dwayne Johnson's Scorpion King) the film in question – whether The Wolf of Wall Street or Joker, could undoubtedly benefit from an appearance from a marmalade-loving, raincoat-clad British bear? 

Well folks, thanks to one determined Redditor, it seems our secret wish has become a reality. Last month, u/JaytheChou took the popular, Jared-Leto-Joker-as-Jesus clad subreddit, r/moviecirclejerk by storm, launching a new, self-explanatory series entitled “I photoshop Paddington into another movie every day until I forget." Apparently having not forgotten his noble directive over the past 27 days, the beloved bear, fresh off of his stint in the slammer, has graced the film forum as a starring presence in several highly-acclaimed flicks, including horror staples like Midsommar


… and The Shining

… Sci-fi hits like to Godzilla v. Kong

Star Wars episode IV

…  2001: A Space Odyssey

Jurassic Park

… and of course, 2021's most controversial film, Space Jam … 

… pretty much …

…every superhero movie/IP …

… In the Marvel and DC extended universes … 

… As well as gritty, modern dramas like Marriage Story

Joker … 

… and The Wolf of Wall Street, raising the question if it was actually Paddington, not Matthew McConaughey, behind the film's primarl, bro-y money chant. 

So folks, although Paddington may be a beloved children's character, his acting range is apparently akin to that of several acclaimed performers, tackling intense, action-packed scenes with grace and adorableness. Please look after this bear ... and get him an Oscar, stat. 

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