You're Pronouncing St. Patrick's Day Wrong

... at least if you're American.
You're Pronouncing St. Patrick's Day Wrong

Top of the mornin' to ye, folks! On today's joyous St. Patrick's Day holiday, defined by chugging chartreuse beer, playing the Dropkick Murphy's entire discography on repeat, and if you're me, paying your annual respects to your mother's shamrock-string-light clad year-round Irish heritage shrine, it seems an age-old debate has seemingly been put to rest. The occasion is in fact, St. Paddy's day, not St. Patty's day – at least according to some passionate netizens and citizens of the Emerald Isle, who are finally speaking out about this common spelling snafu. 

“It's Happy St. Patrick's Day, Happy St. Paddy's Day, Lá fhéile Pádraig sona duit as gaeilge, or even Happy St. Pat's Day at a push, but Happy St. Patty's Day it is not,” CNN's Amy Croffey, a reporter based in London and Galway, according to her Twitter bio, wrote for the site Wednesday morning. "On the Emerald Isle, we say St. Patty's about as much as we utter "top O' the mornin to ye" while eating corned beef and cabbage alongside a leprechaun minding a pot of gold and wearing a four-leaf clover in our lapel -- i.e., absolutely never."

However, Croffey is far from alone. In the holiday's first few hours, several celebrating Twitter users flocked to the platform to post much-needed clarifications of their own, highlighting the life-or-death gravity of the situation …

… using Big Bird popping a wheelie to help prove their point …

… and even providing a handy-dandy cheat sheet for which terms and emojis you should use to commemorate this beloved Irish holiday. 

Despite this pretty clear answer from those across the pond, data indicates most Americans have their own take on the matter, the majority of us calling the holiday by its bastardized nickname. According to a YouGov poll of approximately 16,000 adults in the United States, 49% of Americans say the holiday is called St. Patty's Day whereas 29% maintain it's St. Paddy's Day. 

So folks whether you call it St. Paddy's or give the entire Irish population a migraine by calling it St. Patty's, may your day be filled with luck, Shamrock Shakes, and the one corned beef sandwich you eat all year. Sláinte!

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