Could The Return of 'X-Men's' Quicksilver in 'WandaVision' Hint At Another Marvel Mystery?

Could The Return of 'X-Men's' Quicksilver in 'WandaVision' Hint At Another Marvel Mystery?

A week and change following WandaVision's quintessentially Marvel finale, fans everywhere still have several questions regarding the fate of our favorite sitcom family. Are Billy and Tommy okay after crying to their mother for help? Will Westview-bound Agatha return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or, well, any of the other 12 MCU-related shows slated to hit Disney+ in the foreseeable future? Is the entire show FBI propaganda, per Screen Rant's theory? 

Although it seems we may never acquire the answers to all of our burning inquiries, one of the show's lingering mysteries definitively has a resolution -- the question of who, exactly, is the strange missing person that beloved FBI agent Jimmy Woo was investigating when he stumbled upon the Westview phenomenon. Back in the series' fourth episode, "We Interrupt This Program," newly-un-blipped S.W.O.R.D. Agent, Monica Rambeau, is sent to assist Woo with a highly-unusual "missing persons" case in a New Jersey suburb. Upon arriving at Westview's boundary, Rambeau meets the agent who briefs her on the strange situation, of a person in the witness protection program that "flew the coop." Despite contacting the missing person's family and "known associates," Woo encountered yet another roadblock -- not only had none of them seen him, but none of them had even heard of him. 

"Something seemed hanky to me, so I took the first flight out of Oakland to interface with local law enforcement, which is when I encountered a new wrinkle," Woo told Rambeau in the episode, referencing his initial discovery of Hex. Amid the craziness that was WandaVision's nine-episode run, the plot point quickly took a backseat to the life and times of Wanda's theoretically fake children, it being (sing it with me, folks) Agatha ALL along, and the obsession of hyper-militaristic villain Tyler Hayward, with bringing Vision back online. Yet according to Matt Shakman, the show's director, the mysterious missing person case isn't merely a red herring. 

"In terms of nobody knowing that Westview exists, Westview does exist and that's why Jimmy’s there. But the people in the environment have forgotten it because Wanda has made it so," Shakman explained on a recent episode of's Phase Zero podcast. "She's created a kind of black hole there so she can be uninterrupted and people won’t find their way in too much. In terms of the missing person, there's an answer for that and, you know, hang in there."

Despite hinting at a resolution, Shakman spoke vaguely about whether fans would eventually learn this person's identity. "That's a good question," he said. "That's a good question that I will just leave a question."

Yet if a popular theory noted by is correct, speculating that the missing person is Ralph Bohner, a.k.a. Fake Pietro  a.k.a Fietro a.k.a Evan Peters's X-Men Quicksilver, it seems this revelation could potentially hint at the answer to yet another post-WandaVision quandary -- did Evan Peters Quicksilver return literally just to make a dick joke? 

Upon the surface, it seems that was the original motive for bringing him into the MCU, at least according to WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer."It was always the intention that Evan be fake Pietro, That he was not, in fact, the MCU Quicksilver," She explained to ScreenRant last week. "Then beyond that, I can't actually remember when those decisions were made. It was very early tied to his storyline that he was Agatha's puppet. He was a young man living nearby; she had taken over his house and was holding him hostage. We really loved it. It was at the service of Agatha's character, because we loved the idea that every time she would complain about her husband, she was actually speaking out loud about the man she was holding hostage. It's just so mean; it's so mean."

However, when speaking to a few days earlier, Schaeffer stayed tight-lipped about whether Marvel would continue forward with the arguably superior Quicksilver (sorry, Aaron Taylor Johnson).  "What I can say is that I think Evan Peters did an incredible job with this role and I found it to be such a joy to both work with him and watch him on screen, and you know, as a fan, I’m interested to see whatever he does next."

Although these very vague assertions about his character are exactly so, several fans are still hopeful Peters Pietro will make a return somewhere in the MCU, with the hashtag #SaveQuicksilver trending on social media. 

So folks, regardless of who this missing person is, whether he'll return in later MCU ventures, and if his identity is Evan Peters's character, there's one thing we know for sure -- WandaVision's long haul dedication to making that boner joke was a truly incredible feat. 

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