On today's episode of everyday heroes doing the most in these tumultuous times, a group of Lucha Libre wrestlers in Mexico City have used their strength and showmanship to endure a new, dramatic match -- the fight for public health. The athletes, clad in their performance masks, have taken to a local wholesale market,  the Central de Abasto, to ensure patrons and vendors comply with mask protocols. Disinfectant spray in hand, they stop bare-faced offenders, placing a mask on their face  --  taking care to place it over their nose and mouth -- an initiative several locals seem to appreciate, including Rafael Gonzalez, an avocado seller, who appeared to be ambushed by the chaotic good vigilantes in a video from The Guardian.

"It's really good because they are helping to prevent more infections,"  he said of his encounter.  "I do have one but I forgot to bring it but now I'm wearing one. The initiative is very good."

Lucha libre fighters -- the heroes we need and deserve. 

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