Adam Sandler Wants To Bring Back 'Happy Gilmore' for a Senior Tour Sequel

There's another 90s reboot in town -- if Adam Sandler has his way.
Adam Sandler Wants To Bring Back 'Happy Gilmore' for a Senior Tour Sequel

From Frasier to Rugrats, it's been a big week in the world of 90's revivals, with several reboots of beloved franchises poised to dominate our screens in the coming months and years, as studios seemingly struggle to conjure up any new ideas for IP. The latest sequel potentially in the pipeline? None other than a follow-up to Adam Sandler's 1996 comedy classic, Happy Gilmore. Celebrating its 25th-anniversary last week, it seems the golfing classic may get an all-new sequel centered around senior golfers a quarter of a century after its first installment -- if Sandler, who played the film's titular character has his way. 

On Thursday the comic, along with Christopher McDonald, the actor behind the movie's villain, Shooter McGavin appeared on The Golf Channel's Dan Patrick Show to discuss the film's legacy at this historic milestone when Patrick broached the idea of a sequel. "Happy Gilmore 2? Sandman? has that been discussed"

"It has not been discussed, but it certainly has been discussed on the internet," Sandler explained. “Believe me, that senior tour idea? It would be so amazing to go around," he continued, citing a long-running idea for a comeback.

"Are you both in? Sandman, can I greenlight this?" Patrick asked.

"You can green-light this," the actor replied. "I don't know if we could write it though," he said, amid a sound-effect heavy fanfare. 

Soon after, McDonald chimed in, expressing his excitement about the idea. "I am double in. I would love to do it," he said, holding two thumbs up. "Everybody has been screaming for it, like Adam said, on the internet. I just gotta say it would be a complete blast. The senior tour with us two? Oh my god."

So, folks, it seems we could see the PGA's two wildest characters hitting the big screen soon. After all the price is right, bitch.

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