Buffalo Bill's Home From 'Silence of The Lambs' Is Transforming Into A B&B

Buffalo Bill's Home From 'Silence of The Lambs' Is Transforming Into A B&B

Are you sick and tired of your basic vacation destinations? Have you wished you could enjoy a good night's sleep, complete with dreams of screaming lambs? Do you really really really like moisturizing? Well, folks, you're in luck. The home where Buffalo Bill kept his victims in Silence of The Lambs will soon become a functional B&B. Although garnering fame in the 1991 horror classic, which premiered exactly 30 years ago on Sunday, the Perryopolis, Pennsylvania home was first built in 1910, and comes decked out with several features including a wraparound porch, several fireplaces, an on-property vintage railroad caboose, and an in-ground pool. Who knew Buffalo Bill had such sweet digs?

"It was just really something to witness, doing the walk-through with the Realtor," property owner Chris Rowan told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review of his not-so diabolical plan to transform the fictitious torture chamber into a quaint Northeastern retreat. Although the eerie basement scenes, including the one featured in the movie's dramatic climax, were filmed at a different location, Rowan, a prop stylist and art director, says he's considering using his creative chops to refurbish the basement to look a bit more like Buffalo Bill's lair. "With my background as an art director and prop stylist, I plan to recreate the well, have it fabricated and installed," he explained to the Pennsylvania publication "I'm not going to dig into the earth, but I want to install something along the lines of the film and give fans a pretty unique photo opportunity." 

Rowan is currently running a contest for which fan will be the first to spend a night in the famous pad, where the winners will be announced in March, but it seems most Silence of the Lambs enthusiasts may have to wait to be able to vacation Buffalo Bill's home, as regular bookings will only begin "in a few months."

Availability aside, Rowan purchased the infamous antique home from an FBI agent, who it should be noted is not Clarice Starling. Despite the home's cinematic history, seller David Villareal says the house's scenic surroundings, rather than its murderous "former tenant" are what drew him to the property. "From the porch, you can watch kayakers and canoers (on the Youghiogheny River)," Villareal noted when he first put the home up for sale last fall. "It's paradise on earth." I guess paradise is one way to categorize that. 

Location aside, it seems the home has stayed true to its form over the past three decades, looking nearly identical -- albeit a bit nicer -- to how it appeared in the film. "The home really did maintain its aesthetics from the film itself," Rowan said. "It's not in the visually poor condition that Buffalo Bill kept it in, but all the places where he and Jodie Foster interacted are just the way you remember."

So, folks, if you're looking to plan a quaint and only mildly terrifying getaway, look no further than the Buffalo Bill B&B  -- human skin bath robe (hopefully) not included. 

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