The Internet Roasts Matthew Morrison's Sexy 'Grinch' Musical

Matthew Morrison's weirdly dirty Grinch can be summed up in three words: 'Stink, stank stunk.'
The Internet Roasts Matthew Morrison's Sexy 'Grinch' Musical

 On Wednesday night, The Grinch Musical! aired on NBC, starring Matthew Morrison as the "mean one" himself, to an onslaught of negative reviews, describing in detail how the production "stink, stank stunk." "I'm no Grinch, but NBC's latest attempt at a holiday musical about him might have made me hate Christmas," USA Today's Kelly Lawler wrote of the production. "'Grinch Musical' was grating, painful and pointless from its opening moments." 

Yet amid the reviews lambasting the special for having multiple Maxes, cringe-y fourth-wall breaks, and unmemorable songs, there was one element of the musical that led critics and social media users alike compare The Grinch to   "a bad banana with a greasy, black peel" -- Morrison's bizarrely sexual approach to playing the beloved children's character. Over the production's two hour run time, Morrison appeared to moan, breathe heavily, occasional thrust his hips, making it seem as if the Grinch's heart isn't the only thing that grew three sizes after the final curtain call, lighting Twitter ablaze with discomfort and sexual confusion. 

"I wish Matthew Morrison would please stop sucking his teeth," quipped user @whateverputo "I can't tell if he's tryna make the Grinch sexy or nah but it's not sitting right with me."

"Matthew Morrison attempting to make the Grinch “sexy” on live television is a desperate cry for help and also a national pandemic in itself," joked user @moftherosa alongside the hashtag #GrinchMusical. 

@Sexii_Boot_Boii user took particular issue with Morrison's moans. "Why were there 5 Maxes of various ages? Why did the Grinch randomly have orange socks and a scarf? And why did Matthew Morrison make the character choice to make the Grinch sound like he was breathlessly one stroke away from orgasm at all times?" 

Despite this discomfort, it seems whatever Morrison was going for may have actually somehow worked, with some viewers confessing to being oddly aroused. "I can admit when I’m wrong. Matthew Morrison is not hot as the Grinch...but as a separate question, am i still kinda turned on? Tentatively!" wrote @wowcalvi.


The confusion was so strong, that n said they needed to seek professional help after the, erm, uncomfortable performance. "i’m literally gonna need to see my therapist after watching matthew morrison put so much sexual energy into the grinch," wrote @catiemerklee.


Moral of the story? Rule 34 still applies on network television. Happy Holidays, folks!

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