John Mulaney Says 'SNL' Monologue Got Him Investigated By The Secret Service

The Secret Service, not understanding humor since 1865.
John Mulaney Says 'SNL' Monologue Got Him Investigated By The Secret Service

Ahh, John Mulaney. Beloved good-guy comedian, Big Mouth Star, and a potential threat to the President of the United States? Yep, you read that right. The beloved comic says he was investigated by the Secret Service earlier this year due to his Saturday Night Live opening Monologue back in February. During his Tuesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, Mulaney opened up about catching flack from POTUS' security team following his joke about Julius Caesar's demise. 

"In February, I did a joke that was not about Donald Trump," the comedian told the late-night host. "The joke was about how it was a leap year and leap year had been started by Julius Caesar to correct the calendar, and another thing that happened with Caesar was that, um, he was stabbed to death by a bunch of senators because he went crazy and I said that was an interesting thing that could happen." Although Mulaney acknowledged it likely wasn't wise of him to repeat the contentious joke on air, he pressed onward, delving into his experiences with the president's protectors.

"I guess they opened a file on me because of the joke, and I have to say, am I stoked there's a file open on me? Absolutely. Did I enjoy it in the moment? Not so much." Luckily, Mulaney's interviewer was "very nice" and says he was ultimately "cleared" " ... the person vetting me was very understanding that the joke had nothing to do with Donald Trump," he said. "It was an elliptical reference to him. I didn't say anything about him."

Although things seemingly worked out, the actor says he recognizes the absurdity of the situation. "In terms of risk assessment, no one who's ever looked at me thought I registered above a 1," he said. You can check out the aeformentieond joke below, which it should be noted Mulaney says his lawyer's lawyer's gave him the go-ahead to say on air, further proving the old Hannah Montana adage of "everybody makes mistakes."  

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