Georgia Voter President Trump Said Was Dead Is Alive, Kickin'

She's alive! Like actually. There's no joke here. She's, alive, well, and participating in democracy.
Georgia Voter President Trump Said Was Dead Is Alive, Kickin'

It can be hard to let go sometimes, a lesson it seems President Trump is now learning the hard way. Despite credible sources rebuking his claims of voter fraud, and failing lawsuits, POTUS still appears determined to stay in the White House for another four years despite losing fairly to former Vice President Joe Biden earlier this month. One of his latest angles? Questioning whether or not voters were, in fact, alive. 

"Mr. James Blalock of Covington, Georgia, a World War II veteran, voted in the election," his campaign wrote in a since-deleted tweet, which was screenshotted by 11 Alive, the Atlanta-based NBC affiliate channel, that first broke the story.  "The only problem? He passed away 14 years ago in January 2006. Sadly, Mr. Blalock is a victim of voter fraud."

However, Blalock's death is not the "only problem" in this scenario and the accompanying tweet. Although the WWII veteran did, in fact, pass away in January 2006 at the age of 81, his widow, Agnes Blalock is alive and well, casting her own ballot using her married name, Mrs. James Blalock, in the 2020 election. "He's not voting, he didn't vote," she explained. "It was me." 

Yet this is no new occurrence -- Newton County officials confirmed that Mrs. Blalock has registered to vote under the moniker since the 1940's, which was a common practice at the time. "Her voter registration was signed as Mrs. James E. Blalock, Jr. and that is exactly how she signed her name when she voted in the Nov. 3 general election," they told the local news station. The government agency went further, elaborating on their dedication to ensuring fair voting practices. "Newton County conducts its elections and voter registration efforts with transparency and attention to detail and hopes that any reporting on this or any other election to be done the same level of fact-checking and accurate information," reads a statement posted on Facebook. 

However, as false news stories often do, this fake claim spread far beyond Twitter. Fox News darling and self-described "out-of-the-closet elitist," Tucker Carlson issued an apology after featuring the story as an embodiment of voter fraud in the 2020 election in a segment on his show. 

"It was Mrs. James Blalock. So apologies for that, and of course we're always going to correct when we're wrong. And we were." You know you messed up big time when even Tucker Carlson feels the need to apologize. Yikes. 

All egregious errors aside, Mrs. Blalock deserves a shoutout. Thank you for participating in democracy and thank you for speaking out about casting your ballot this year. You're the hero we need and deserve right now.  Also, pale green is DEFINITELY your color. 

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