Russian 'Sausage King' Murdered With Crossbow In Sauna

Russian 'Sausage King' Murdered With Crossbow In Sauna

On today's episode of murders that sound like they could be Clue prompts, a Russian oligarch known as the 'Sausage King' was murdered in a sauna with a crossbow, according to BBC News. On Monday, two assailants wearing masks attacked Vladimir Marugov, who owned a number of the nation's largest meat processing plants, including Ozyorsky and Meat Empire, and his partner while relaxing in an outdoor sauna cabin at his country home near Moscow. 

"Several masked men entered the bathhouse ... tied up the owner of the house and his spouse, and then demanded money," Russia's Investigative Committee's said in a statement. Although Marugov's wife was able to slip out through a window just in time, the Sausage King himself wasn't so lucky, as authorities found his body with a crossbow next to it. Since then, one person has been detained in connection with the murder of the man behind the "Meat Empire." Can someone please make a Fox musical drama series about this starring Taraji P. Henson? Please? Asking for a friend. 

Moral of the story? If you're dubbed the king of anything, you may want to invest in better security -- take it from the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic. 

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