'Sex And The City's Hard Question Has A Simple Answer

This is basic relationship stuff, man ...
'Sex And The City's Hard Question Has A Simple Answer

Carrie's column on Sex and the City is kind of a strange, unseen character: We rarely actually see it, but we know what's in it because each episode's voiceover narration is essentially the column. We know this because, once an episode or so, we see her write down what she's narrating:

Which really makes you wonder why it was necessary for her to make a grand, tearful confession to Aidan about her affair with Big because she didn't even try to hide it in her column. In the week of the third-season episode "All or Nothing," it begins: "One of the best things about being in a great relationship is feeling comfortable enough to leave it for an evening. E.B. White once said no one should come to New York unless they're lucky. I was. I had an amazing boyfriend who had all his hair, good friends to talk about with ... and a married ex-boyfriend I had slept with a week ago."

The only explanation is that Aidan never read her column, and more importantly, she knew he didn't. It's still a bizarre risk because surely someone could have read it and told him about it, but she was clearly pretty checked out by that point anyway. On the flip side, Big read her column religiously. He even read her first book cover to cover in one night. That is why Aidan, for all his virtues, never won out over Big, for all his faults: Never marry a man who doesn't care about your work.

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