Women's Wrestling Will Really Miss Casey Michael


You've probably never heard the name "Casey Michael" unless you're deep in the weeds into women's wrestling. He was the owner of Squared Circle Sirens, a website that provided news coverage for women's professional wrestling worldwide. Sadly, Casey Michael passed away yesterday at the age of 26 after battling numerous ongoing medical issues.

#RIPCasey and Casey's Twitter handle ifyouseekcasey began trending on Twitter yesterday. As sad as this story is, it's remarkable to see the level of love and admiration for this person in a tiny pocket of the Universe that many of us never even knew existed. These are just a handful of responses:

Again, you might not be able to tell a "Faithbreaker" ...

... from a "Sharpshooter" ...

... but you don't need to know any of that to see the admiration that Casey Michael's community had for him. And it's little wonder as to why. Everything about him just screams wholesomeness and sincerity. His Twitter account is just wishing wrestlers happy birthday. He devoted his short life to covering a sport that needed whatever support it could get -- a massive gender pay gap being just one reason.

There's not much more to say here other than to echo the reverence for human life, especially for a life that clearly impacted so many in such a positive way. Casey's death is a tragedy, but maybe we can use this as a reminder that there are people all over the world in places and subcultures, which we never even considered, who are being badasses in really good ways.

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Top image: Cameraman Greg/Wiki Commons


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