Weird Musical Mystery You Missed In 'Gilmore Girls'

Does this universe contain two guys who look and sound exactly like Sebastian Bach?
Weird Musical Mystery You Missed In 'Gilmore Girls'

In case it's been a while, elderly rock star and former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach has a comical role on Gilmore Girls as the uncreatively named Gil, the only adult member of Hep Alien, the band started by Rory's best friend, Lane, who can not only legally drink but could do so before any of his bandmates were born. 

So far, so fine. Except we know the real-life Sebastian Bach also exists in this universe because we see Rory's parents listening to "18 and Life" in the car in the season seven episode "The Great Stink." It's not possible that Skid Row just had a hit with the same song with a different singer. There's no mistaking that voice.

So what's going on there? Does this universe contain two guys who look and sound exactly like Sebastian Bach? Is this a "twins separated at birth" situation? They certainly have a lot of those in the Gilmore Girls universe, but according to Gil, he ran in the same circles as Bach in the late '80s. He was in "the hottest band in L.A." who "sold out all the clubs -- The House of Blues, The Whiskey" but broke up just before they were scheduled to open for Quiet Riot. There's no way he and Bach wouldn't have heard about each other, met, and created legends that were still shared to this day. When he showed up to audition for Hep Alien, Lane would have said, "OMG, are you the guy who spawned dozens of confusing paternity tests?"

But is he telling the whole truth? Is he, in fact, Sebastian Bach in disguise? It does seem like a very Sebastian Bach thing to do to adopt a new identity, buy a sandwich shop, convert to Judaism, and join a teenage band for no reason. Is everyone -- including bandmate Lane and Rory's parents, all classic rock devotees -- just politely pretending they don't recognize him? That seems the more likely answer. Stars Hollow is a place where everyone respects the need to start over.

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